Classic Facials

obtain great results & peace.  Melt away your stress as you rest under a cloud of steam.  Eye treat hides fine lines!  Superb foot massage. Indulge in a luxurious massage. $140 (1.5 hr)
Ever After
a facial that stimulates elastin, the essence responsible for firm skin.                Our elasticity naturally breaks down with age.  This treat triggers an increase    in elastin production, boosting the “snap-n-spring” in your skin while plumping up those deep wrinkles.  Includes herbal tea bags to soothe tired eyes,  pampering massage & mind-blowing scalp massage.                           Enchanting...  $155 (1.5 hr)
custom facial targeting revitalization of the aging complexion.  Designed for those in need of refreshing reboot! $110 (1 hr) with Peel $130+
Men’s Hot Towel Facial
intense cleansing of your pores. Warm steam towels. 
A deep upper body massage relieves stress. 
Results: smoother texture, brighter complexion, refined pores, 
and pure relaxation. $95 (1 hr)
innovative, age-defying, face-lifting, brightening masque treatment! 
Increases collagen production by 23% and the cell's 
glycoaminoglycans (what keeps us hydrated & supple) by 294%.          
Warm paraffin hand-n-foot treat and luxurious 
upper body massage. $155 (1.5 hrs)
Pore Refining Action
Focuses on extracting impurities and then soothing your skin so you feel confident putting your best face forward. 
Amazingly “cool” masque treatment performed with globes to banish redness and tighten pores after extractions! $135 (1.25 hr)
Aromatic Bliss
this facial relaxes the body while exhilarating the senses. It is 
customized to suit your skin’s needs. Concentrating on hydration, clearing congested pores, and banishing dull, lack luster skin. Indulge in a hand, 
face, neck and upper back massage. ahhh bliss... $85 (1 hr)
perfect before an event! Your skin will be the reason others bask in your glow. Gentle fruit acids refresh while the fruit masque firms, brightens and counters signs of aging. All the massage and then some is a part of this luscious treat. Awaken! $125 (1.5 hr)
Pleasure of the Senses
Yonka’s latest jewel facial encounter that embraces the rebalancing of the 
7 Chakra points of the body in order of spiritual refinements while offering superlative skin benefits by awakening complexion smoothness & 
youthfulness, leaving it fresh, dewy & radiant. $145 (1.5 hr)
Sweetie Teen-ie (Teens only)
exfoliation designed to make extracctions more comfortable.  Helps clear, reduce excess oil, brighten & repair. $100 (1 hr) $110 with partial peel
Sweet Reward
Keep It Sweet and Simple. 
This mini facial includes all the necessities to 
obtain a vibrant complexion in less time. 
Drift into sweet surrender... $60 (30 minutes)

Cancelation Policy
Please respect my business!  
Give 24 hour notice before changing appt time or canceling.
(full price charges apply)