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Classic Facials

These facials are also offer year round and most are customized for your needs.

All facials are categorized below by length and targeted outcome to help you determine which you want..

For monthly specials see Feature Facials

self renewal

Customized with age defying products.  Melt away stress as you rest under a cloud of steam.  Eye treat hides fine lines!  Indulge in   a luxurious massage of the upper body, arms, hands

and foot massage  (may add peel)  $155

ever after

Stimulates elastin, the essence responsible for firm skin.  Elasticity naturally breaks down with age.  By increasing elastin production, the “snap-n-spring” in your skin is boosted, plumping up deep wrinkles.  Herbal tea bags soothe tired eyes, enchanting upper body massage and mind-lifting scalp massage  $155


Perfect before an event!  Your skin will be the reason others bask in your glow.  Gentle fruit acid peel refreshes.  Soothing masque firms and brightens. 

Relaxing luxurious massage $125


Face-lifting, brightening masque treatment! Helps increase collagen production and keeps skin hydrated and supple.  Warm paraffin-like treat with luxurious massage of upper body  $150

1 hr Advanced Anti-Aging

Pore Cleansing, Hydrating, increased Radiance

1.5 hr Advanced Anti-Aging

Pore Cleansing, Hydrating, increased Radiance


Custom facial targets revitalization of the aging complexion.

Designed for those in need of a reboot!

(may add peel)  $110+

Classic Facials
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1 hr Refining Texture/Pore,

Radiance and Maintaining Youth 

aromatic bliss

Relax your body and exhilarate your sense!

Customized to suit your skin’s needs. 

ahhh bliss...   $85+

men’s hot towel facial

Increased cleansing.

A sequence of hot towels relax your skin.

Deep upper body massage relieves stress.  Results:

smoother texture, age prevention, refined pores and

pure relaxation  $95+

1.5 hr Refining Texture/Pore,

Radiance and Maintaining Youth 

Focus:  Clearing Pores, Soothing, Balancing, Hydrating and Refining Texture 

pore refining action

Focuses on extracting impurities and then calming your skin.  Amazingly “cool” face massage performed with nitro-globes soothing redness and tightening pores‘ appearance after extractions  $135+  (1.25 hr)

sweetie teen-ie  (teen only)

Exfoliation designed to make extractions more comfortable.  Helps clear, reduce excess oil, brighten and repair  $100  (1 hr) with partial peel $115

sweet reward (mini facial)

Customized to direct your desires in less time  $60  (.5 hr)

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